Kristallnacht in the border regions

The 70th anniversary of an almost-forgotten event

From 9 until 11 November1938 Nazis in Germany, occupied Austria and the Czech border regions set light to synagogues, sent thousands of Jewish men to concentration camps and destroyed Jewish property. This presentation aims to commemorate the almost-forgotten course of this pogrom in the Czech border regions...



Jewish communities in flames




Nový Jičín

Česká Lípa

Karlovy Vary



+ Other places in the border regions where Kristallnacht took place... (In Czech)

Archive documents (in Czech)

+ More documents... (In Czech)

About the project


This presentation was produced by the Terezín Initiative Institute in cooperation with the Jewish Museum in Prague, and financial assistance from the Jewish Community in Prague Foundation.

Redakce would like to thank the following people for their help: Jiří Fiedler (Jewish Museum in Prague), František Banyai (Jewish Community, Prague), Markéta Lhotová (Museum of North West Bohemia, Liberec), Peter Barton (Sudeten German Office, Prague), Helena Kavková, Thomas Oellerman, Marco Zimmermann, Jitka Chmelíková-Mlsová, Jan Stejskal (Krnov Synagogue Civic Association), Luděk Štipl (Respect and Tolerance Civic Association), Milan Augustin (State Regional Archive, Karlovy Vary), Ladislav Smejkal (Museum of Local History and Gallery, Česká Lípa), Jana Martínková (Museum of Moravská Třebová), Branislav Martínek (State District Archive, Bruntál, based in Krnov), Jana Sýkorová (State District Archive, Most), Vladimír Vlasák (State District Archive, Sokolov), Radoslav Fikejz (Museum of Svitavy), Oldřich Pakosta (State District Archive, Svitavy, based in Litomyšl), Eva Jabůrková (Town of Nýřany), Marta Malá (Holocaust Victims Foundation), Kateřina Svobodová (Jewish Museum in Prague).

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