100th anniversary of Fredy Hirsch's birth

[hirsch.jpg]Alfred – Fredy – Hirsch was born on 11th February 1916 in Aachen, Germany. As a young man he was active in the youth movement of German Jewish Scouts and continued in the work with children and youth after his emigration into Czechoslovakia, in Prague mainly on Hagibor playground. He was deported into Terezín ghetto in 1941 and in 1944 into Auschwitz - so called Terezín family camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he died. He took care of the kids and youth in all these places. 

We can find the notice about Hagibor and Fredy Hirsch in the school journal Life in our Class edited by Eva Ginzová – Chava Pressburger from 24th April, 1941, published in Jewish School in Jáchymka: Fredy Hirsch, who made from the wasted playground very nice and functional place, joy of many kids, is demonstrating the exercises by himself on Hagibor. Do you want to be among us? Come to Hagibor as much as possible.

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