Petr Ginz

1928 - 1944

Petr Ginz was born in Prague in 1928. His mother did not have a Jewish background, but moved to Prague into her husband's Jewish family. Peter attended the Jewish elementary school in Jáchymová street. During this time he fell in love with books, especially the novels of Jules Verne. Later he started to write his own short stories and novels, illustrating them himself.

On 24 October 1942 he was included in transport Ca, and since he had reached the age of 14, he went to Terezín by himself. Together with other boys, he was accommodated in block L 417 (the former Terezín school). Shortly after his arrival, he and other boys began to publish a magazine called Vedem, in which he was able to make use of his exceptional talent and imagination. As well as editing the magazine, he wrote articles, poems and introductory columns for it, and drew illustrations. He often paid for articles from other contributors using food that his family sent him in packages. He also kept a diary every day. Before he left for Auschwitz he gave his diary to his sister Eva, who was two years younger and thus did not come to Terezín until 1944. She lived to see the camp's liberation. A large number of the magazines from 1942-1944 have also been preserved, together with some of Petr's drawings.

On 28 September 1944 Petr Ginz was transported to Auschwitz, where he died.


Petr Ginz, Eva Ginz

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