Zeev Scheck

1920 - 1978

Jochanan Zeev (Vilém) Scheck. Native of Olomouc, Zionist, member of Maccabi Hatzair. In 1943 deported to Terezín, member of the Hekhalutz leadership. Deported to Auschwitz in October 1944, later to Dessau-Kaufering. Returned to Prague in June 1945, becoming one of the initiators of the Documentation Project, the aim of which was to collect testimonies and materials concerning the Terezín ghetto. In 1946 he emigrated to Palestine, where from 1947 he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the diplomatic service. Initiator of the Association of Terezín Prisoners, which became the foundation for Beit Theresienstadt. In 1947-48 he was the authorised representative of the Hebrew University in Prague, from where he organised the transfer of Hebrew books from Terezín and from Mimoň and other chateaux to the library of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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