Putting Faces to Numbers

An educational module for pupils from elementary schools

Welcome to the educational module Putting Faces to Numbers. Using authentic materials from the Prague police archives, you will be able to discover a considerable amount of information about people who were sent to concentration camps during the Second World War as a result of their Jewish origin.

You will be able to begin searching by transport number, or by the specific face and fate of the person to which this number was allotted. You will search a database of Holocaust victims from the Czech lands, which contains information on all the prisoners in the Terezín ghetto and on Czech Jews deported to other concentration camps. By searching for specific information in the archive documents and linking them into the overall history of the Second World War and the Holocaust, you will find out how historical events made themselves felt in the everyday life of real people, and what impact they had on them.

During the Second World War, Jews in the Czech lands, as in other parts of Europe, were gradually isolated and subsequently killed. In total, approximately six million people died as a result of being persecuted purely because of their Jewish origin. When they were deported, these people were labelled with a number, thus losing part of themselves, part of their identity. You will now have at least the symbolic opportunity to give faces back to these numbers.

At the same time, through the educational portal holocaust.cz you will learn about various events, figures and places concerning the history of the Jewish community in the Czech lands and over the course of the Second World War, not just in Bohemia and Moravia, but all over Europe.

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